General Guidelines


  • Retains files of correspondence he/she generates while in office, and passes these on to his/her successor.
  • Receives predecessor’s files, passes these to the Chapter Archives upon leaving office.


  • Retains files of correspondence he/she generates while in office (to be held through term as president also – see below).
  • Maintains Archival set of the previous three years of The Medium; Before assuming the Presidency, passes the first of these three years’ issues to the Chapter Archives, and passes the remaining issues (including the issues published during his/her tenure) to his/her successor.
  • Sends two copies of each issue of The Medium to Chapter Archivist for forwarding to ARLIS/NA.


  • Retains files of correspondence he/she generates while Vice-President and President; passes these on to his/her successor.
  • Receives predecessor’s files; and passes these to the Chapter Archives when leaving office.

In addition, it is recommended that each officer retain, update, and pass to his/her successor, a copy of the following file folders:

  • Tax-Exempt files (information concerning the Chapter’s tax status)
  • Bylaws (copies of current and past versions of Chapter bylaws)
  • Lists/History files (lists of past officers, past annual meeting dates
    and locations, editorial history of The Medium)

In addition, the Chapter Archives are to include the following items:

  • Complete run of The Medium.
  • Complete set of minutes of the annual meetings of the Texas Chapter.
  • Complete set of annual reports of the Texas Chapter.
  • Complete set of bylaws of the Texas Chapter.

Last Update March 1999

Archives Storage and Access Guidelines


  1. Physical Chapter records are stored by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. These boxes will move to the ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter Archives at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2020.
  2. The building where the chapter archives boxes presently reside at the MFAH is climate and pest controlled.
  3. The materials are not processed or indexed by MFAH staff, but will be processed by the ARLIS/NA Archivist at UIUC once the transfer is complete.
  4. The MFAH staff does not assume responsibility for accidental damage or loss of any materials, but will do due diligence to ensure their safe relocation to the permanent home at UIUC.


  1. Current ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Officers are granted automatic access to the chapter archives.
  2. To obtain access to stored files, the requestor must have a letter of approval from a current officer of ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico and make an appointment with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Hirsch Library staff for a viewing time (A phone call or email may substitute for a letter). One working day advance notification is required.
  3. Access must be to the full box. Portions of the files will not be pulled.
  4. The current Archives policies and procedures of the MFAH should be followed.
  5. Telephone reference questions will not be answered in relation to the materials.

Transfer of Records

  1. Materials should be sent to the chapter archives annually in the spring.
    • Physical records may be sent to Hirsch Library staff before the transfer to UIUC begins (tentatively spring 2020).
    • Electronic records may be uploaded to the Chapter Google Drive account. The chapter website administrator will provide incoming and outgoing officers with directions on file submission in the spring.
  2. Transfers should not exceed one linear foot per annum for physical records and 50 MB for electronic records.
  3. Archives must be notified two weeks prior to shipment for physical records. The website administrator will monitor the Google Drive account for newly added electronic records.
  4. Physical documents must arrive in labeled gray Hollinger cases. Electronic documents, other than images, uploaded to the Google Drive should be in PDF/A format whenever possible.

Review of Procedures

  1. The arrangement for storage and access will be reviewed as needed at chapter meetings.
  2. The Chapter Archives Procedures will be reviewed accordingly.

Last Update November 2019