Mission Statement

ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico is formed:

  • To advance the cause of art librarianship.
  • To promote the development, good management, and enlightened use of all art libraries and visual resources collections.
  • To promote the continuing professional education of its members and the general knowledge of the public by sponsoring conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, and other exchanges of information and materials concerning all aspects of art librarianship and visual resources curatorship.
  • To stimulate greater use of art libraries and visual resources collections by sponsoring, supporting or publishing resources directories, bibliographies, inventories, periodicals, occasional papers, reports and related materials concerning the organization and retrieval of art information.
  • To foster excellence in art librarianship and the visual arts by establishing standards for art libraries and visual resources collections, by promoting improvements in the academic education of art librarians and visual resources curators, by sponsoring awards for outstanding achievement, and by other ends to that end.